We offer a variety of investment products that will help you grow your portfolio. You can also use these products to offer your employees additional funds for medical expenses with a Health Savings Account or to establish an employee retirement plan with our IRA/SEP.

Certificate of Deposit

Secure your deposits the safe and easy way with a competitive rate and flexible term. Terms range from 91 days to 5 years. Minimum opening balance as low as $500. See our current rate sheet or call us any time.

Health Savings Account

Would you like to offer your employees additional funds for qualified medical expenses*? We can offer all of your employees a competitive rate and earnings that are tax free. No minimum to earn interest, no monthly and no annual fees. No fees are assessed to the employer contributions.
*Consult your tax advisor for further information



Invest in your future with an IRA and let your money start working for you. We offer a variety of IRA accounts to fit your retirement needs. We gladly accept rollovers and transfers from existing IRAs or qualified plans.


A Simplified Employee Plan (SEP) is a retirement plan established by an employer to provide retirement benefits for employees Under the SEP plan agreement, the employer makes SEP/IRA contributions directly into the IRA of each eligible employee. An employer who wishes to establish a SEP should seek professional guidance from someone who is familiar with your business' existing IRAs or qualified plans.